V by Viscera
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Perfume & Apothecary, Handcrafted in Oakland


An all natural perfume and beauty line designed for little moments of self-care. Proudly made in Oakland, California.

Viscera started in 2014 with the goal of curating a collection for living a life of intention. Our storefront started as a fashion-focused space and naturally morphed into a lifestyle shop. Viscera’s founder, Ari Takata-Vasquez, started V by Viscera in 2017 after asthma made her sensitive to synthetic fragrances and additives. This led her to start her own line of essential oil based, natural, healthy, and gentle apothecary products after realizing her customers likely also struggled to find alcohol-free, synthetic-free, skincare, hair care, and perfume. We develop and test all products in-house-- we’re our own guinea-pigs. As animal advocates (and crazy dog-loving people) we’re dedicated to maintaining the brand’s authenticity and being cruelty-free.

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